Sunday, 21 April 2013

It took me 7 years to revert to Islam: Ayesha

My name is Ayesha Lily rose. My birth name before reversion was Suzanne Michelle. It took me 7 long years to revert back to Islam and was a very important decision of my life.  I didn’t have any religion before I became a revert Muslim last month, Alhamdulilah (Praise be to Allah)

Salam Ale kum  ( May peace be upon you) Brother and sister,

 I am 34 years old, female based out of Manchester, UK and working as a beauty therapist. I am a single mum with two teenage boys currently at college. I am still 8 weeks away to finish my course in beauty Therapist and then plan to be slef employed/open my own business as a beauty therapist.

First interest in Islam 

My first interest in Islam started when I came in contact with some Muslims in Manchester, UK around 7 years ago and saw that their behaviour and attitudes were far better than most of other people, hence I was interested more in Islam and just wanted to understand more about Islam. It was more of a curiosity. The more time I spent in finding and reading about Islam, the more I ended up thinking about Islam, but I did not convert or revert to Islam and took my own time in making my mind about Islam, Quran and the way of life. I was fascinated by the beauty of Islam. I took seven long years to understand Islam. I never wanted to rush things and made sure that I understood Islam very well and what it meant to be a Muslim. I took long time to make sure that my heart and mind was ready to accept Islam and be a Muslim.

Defining moment  to revert to Islam 

The realisation happened after my mum past away from cancer then my nan 6 weeks later. It was a big impact in my life and was thinking about the purpose of life. I had a long conversation with a Muslim friend about Islam, my feelings. I also discussed about my existing beliefs and views about life. I already had a strong belief in Islam and how it was a way of life. It was then when I decided that it had been long enough and it was what I wanted in my heart so I got in contact with my local Mosque and went to see the Imam and took my Shahada there and then.

Reaction of family and friends

I have been quit lucky in terms of reaction among family and friends who care about me , as they accepted my decision without any problem and told me that it’s my decision and as long as I am happy then its fine  where as I know that the biggest challenge a revert has to face is from the Family and friends and  sometimes it can be hard to tell everyone due to disapproval and arguments and losing people close to you because of it .  I have been very lucky and praise be to Allah for making it easier for me
I did not face any challenge in work place as I will be self-employed beauty therapist , but feel  little  isolated as I don’t really see or know  Muslims near where I live and being a  new revert can make it difficult for making new friends with other Muslim sisters  especially when I am a new revert and do need new Muslims sister as friends. Moreover it is important for me as a revert to get some help and support  to become a good Muslim, as there is so much for a new revert to learn , only other thing is everyone stares at you cause of your colour and wearing hijab as if it’s such a strange thing to see an English girl who has reverted to being Muslim wearing a hijab it can make it hard to feel comfortable in going out wearing it .
As there are very few Muslims in the place I live and the nearest place to my house where Muslims are in larger numbers is little far away, but then I am very shy person , quiet type of person so going out is not me so I have just looked to find other Muslims on my own through places like Facebook/ networking sites, but from those Muslims I have made friends with so far have been very positive and giving lots of support and have helped me by giving me books , cd's , meeting up for chats and having tea or coffee which would be nice if there was a lot more of in places like Manchester town centre . 

I would continue to be Muslim as I love being one and would expect lots more people join this beautiful religion and learn about. My advice to other non-Muslims would be to read the Quran without any prejudice and see how beautiful it is and it can only be from God/Allah.

Thank you very much for reading my Story and May Allah guide us all…..JazaK Allah Khair.

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