Friday, 17 May 2013

Christian born Kelly and her friend revert to Islam

Incredible Journey of Essex, UK based Sister Kelly and her Friend to Islam. She along with her friend decided to study Islam and after learning about Islam, they both decided to revert to Islam two months ago. Islam brought incredible change in her lifestyle for better. Islam brought the inner peace and solace which she was trying to find for a long time. She finally discovered herself and her purpose in life. Read her story in her own words.

My name is Kelly, I am 35 years old. I live in Clacton-On-Sea, Essex, UK.I was raised as a Christian. The Bible had never made much of sense to me. I did try to read it but it shocked me with lots of violence and even hatred for women and daughters. So I moved away from Christianity as it never made sense to me that the church said something else and the Bible told something else. My Life was a typical young English girl. I used to sometimes go clubbing, drink alcohol, smoke socially and waste money on Fashion accessories.

I knew about Islam and Muslims but only from the press or media, which was not really impressive, so I tried to learn about Islam about 3 years ago, but again I did not understand it well. I was trying to understand Islam from Muslims and was given quite contradictory views and ideas and now I Know that I was given wrong information sometimes. I was still not convinced about Islam.

I had a friend who was a good Turkish Muslim girl, so I traveled to Turkey and met many nice Muslim friends.  I saw and met Muslim families and lived with them. I was impressed by their families and how nicely they lived and how close they are to one another. There was love, respect and feeling of a community and family. I been longing for the feeling of family, community which I wanted so much in my personal life in UK. I wanted to be a part of the Muslim world and community.  I feel it was sign from Allah and he was slowly guiding me to find him and lead a right path for a better life.

I came back from Turkey a few months back and tried to understand and read the Quran To make it easy. so I and my childhood friend Natasha started reading and understanding the Quran together, as we both decided to try and understand together so that it may become simpler and to our surprise suddenly everything made sense and a wonderful feeling of peace enveloped me, it felt like the most loving embrace I had ever felt, I knew then that my heart had found its way back home...
I reverted in March and 2 weeks ago my friend Natasha who read Quran along with me also took her shahada. We are both so much happier now and we both cover our bodies and wear hijab. Earlier I used to wear short dresses and now I cover myself and feel so much better. I did not understand before why Muslim women cover themselves but now I understand and am following the right way as well…Alhamdulilah (Praise be to Allah)

I decided to become a Muslim because I felt it is a much better life than the one I have been living, I found the purpose of life and now I only want to live in this world pleasing Allah every day and spreading the word of Islam to lead me to Jannah. But since changing my religion I have given all these up and I no longer eat pork. This year will be my first Ramadan. I have been learning to pray at the mosque and learning dua's and have bought a prayer clock so I can pray at the correct times, I will do my best to please Allah and help others.

 I have started attending The East London Mosque in Whitechapel, East London, a 2 hour journey from my home, as this is the nearest mosque that allows women to attend, I was so overwhelmed with kindness from the Muslim community, I felt at peace and at ease instantly, surrounded by love from so many sisters that were so interested in my journey to Islam...

Kelly after her Shahadah in East London Mosque
Today, I am enjoying reading the Qur’an and learning so much every day and love wearing the Hijab for the sake of Allah. There isn’t a Muslim community in Clacton, but I felt that it was time for me to wear a hijab, I was not afraid because i knew i was pleasing Allah and I knew Allah was guiding me, i felt proud to be a Muslim and wear my hijab, my family were afraid for me because of racist remarks and attacks but I have my faith and I knew I was ready to change my life and way of dress was a dramatic change and has shocked many of my family and friends, they think I have gone a little crazy but I hope they understand soon and also find the greatness and love of the one almighty Allah

My Message to others

I would say, just go to where your heart takes you because I was searching for something a long time ago but I did not know then what it was, I now believe that Islam finds you and saves you and I am so thankful that Allah chose me and I live where there are no Muslims but I will continue to wear my hijab with pride to please Allah and i hope that through my doing this that more people will be guided the right way. People have asked me why I want to be a Muslim and I say that I have been chosen, it is the right thing for me and I am so lucky that i now have a reason to live, to please Allah, before I was walking around deaf, dumb and blind but now my heart is open to Allah. My ears and eyes have been opened and I have a reason to live, ignore negative comments and do what feels right for you. You may lose friends and family but you will always have Allah. I feel that I have a whole new life now, a new way of life with so many loving brothers and sisters and the one almighty Allah, our creator !!. may Allah Bless you all and guide to the straight path.

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