Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Mike Conley and his family reverts to Islam

Mike on the left

Amazing Journey of a family to Islam. US based Mike Conley was born in a Christian family. Mike's wife reverted to Islam which made him Upset and angry. After reading the Qur'an Mike has left his old ways and has accepted Islam and its right path.

Assalaam Aleikum my brothers and sisters,

My name is Micheal Mikhail Conley I live in Orlando FL and was born and raised here in FL. I am 34 years old and have been married for 9 years as of June 15th I have three beautiful children and there names are Braden, Mickayla, and Noah

 Last week (June 14th, 2013) I became a Muslim by converting to Islam, I feel I have always been a Muslim but didn't know anything until I picked up the Qur'an and a Hadith and Sunnah book that my wife had brought home from a friend at school and began to read it.

My Wife had reverted to Islam and which made me quite angry and upset about about it But when I started reading the Qur'an Myself, I found myself completely enveloped with wanting to no more. Since then I have read In The Footsteps Of The Prophet (peace be upon him) and I'm am currently reading Inner Dimensions of Islamic Prayer. I know now it was the right thing to do. When I was sitting in the front row at my local mosque for congregational prayer on Friday I had deja vu of a dream that I had years ago that I could not explain at the time but now I know what it meant. I was born into a christian family and that's all I knew except what the news portrays about the Muslim religion in the media. I've always felt it to be wrong to have to pray through someone to become close to God.

I was a very bad person before all this and drove my wife to move out. I was very angry at the world and the life I was living and at my dad for the way he raised me in an abusive home so I found myself welling and getting angry over the littlest things scaring my wife and children at times in her words I was DR. Jekyll and MR. Hyde. I used drugs and smoked pot went to night clubs since I was 14. Since letting Allah into my heart I find myself at peace with my dad and forgive him for the things he did and I find myself not angry at the world any more. I no longer smoke pot nor do I go to clubs anymore. I cant even tell you the last time I even picked up a book and read it. I would like to give praise to Allah(swt) for guiding me to this path I am on through my wife and ask that he shine his light on my her to show her that her husband has been made whole and a new person so she will come home and not be scared of her husband anymore. I feel so much lighter because of this and know in my heart and soul that i am a new person and i am now on the right path. I have a long ways to go to becoming a proper Muslim but everyday I become a better person and a better Muslim man. I cant begin to tell you how happy and filled with joy I have become. I know its Allah (swt) will for to return to me or he would not have placed her in my life. Thank you for reading my story and hope it isnpires some people to leave the path that i followed and to come to the path which Allah and his prophets showed us...........May Allah Guide us all................. Assalaam Aleikum

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