Friday, 5 July 2013

Cambodian sister Nurnainum Farmer (Nur) reverts to Islam

Assalamu'alaikum waramatuhllahi wamarakatuh to all brothers and sisters in Islam.

My name is Numainum Farmer (now Nur Islam). I am a Cambodian born Buddhist but I work for a Muslim family in MALAYSIA. Before I came to Islam I really hated Muslims , never want to be friends with them. However when I started working for this Muslim family I found that they are very kind the way they treat me ,... they don't mind I am a BUDDHIST and live together with them under the same roof. They treat me like part of the family and tell me nicely if I did anything wrong.There is an old grandmother who loves me very much that she always asked me to become a Muslim and she treat me like her own grand daughter.

My boss family member also at times jokingly ask me to convert but I just smile and ignore them .Somehow after staying for 6 years and always listening to azan and Quranic recitations in the house, it mades me feel peaceful and started having wonderful feeling that I cannot explain .Unconciously. I started to follow and memorised the azan and some dhikir especially SubhanaAllah, Walhamdulillah walailahaillaAllah, Allah hu Akbar. This dhikir always played in my mind wherever I go and it keeps on replaying over and over again and it make me feel happy and at peace.Suddenly one day, coming back from work I heard an azan and when I reached home I immediately told my lady boss that I wanted to convert so much.She just say aloud Alhamdilillah and arranged for me to take Shahadah and after 3 days I recited the Shahadah 5 times until I cried. From then on my lady boss taught me how to pray. At first I follow her just to know the movements then I started to memorize the surah and dua for prayer. Alhamdulillah I am a fast learner and after 3 weeks I was able to pray 5 times a day on my own.  I feel blessed and I feel the closeness to Allah and I know I am on the right path.Before I became a Muslim I thought Islam is an oppressive religion but after I became a Muslim I willingly and happily pray 5 times a day and wearing hijab comes naturally and I don't feel oppressive at all but instead I am proud and I sincerely love Islam and pray that my family member would one day be Muslim.

At the moment I am learning to read the Quran from a very kind religious teacher that comes to the house twice a week and at the same time I learn from e-learning website for new Muslim convert with the guidance of my mum ( my lady boss).Alhamdulillah everything seems to go well and I hope to learn more about Islam and if possible to teach Quran to my people in Cambodia one day IN Sha Allah!

New Muslims can join any of these websites for free education and guidance

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