Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How A revert Brother Abdullah Founded KnewU to Help/Guide new reverts

US based Brother Abdullah reverted to Islam in 1996, Joined Al-Madinah university in saudi Arabia. After seeing the negative media coverage in US, he decided to launch his own organization KnewU, which helps and guides born and revert Muslims


Brother Abdullah Oduro always loved to hear positive messages; things that addressed the realities of life itself. Although, he was involved in things that which now he is not proud of, hearing the truth was always inspiring to him. He was being called to Islam by some individuals he used to battle with in rap/hip hop. Everything that they would tell him, he would go back and tell his friend, who had left the army and was also looking for the truth, being very well versed in the bible. One day, they called Br. Abdullah early in the morning to come and listen to a lesson that they were attending. Something told him to go, but before that, he called his friend whom, he knew was not a morning person, but somehow Abdullah convinced him to go with him. At the very end of the lesson, right before Dhur prayer, one of the individuals there asked if they were ready to become Muslim. Abdullah said "no" defensively; but his friend said yes!!! Abdullah was so surprised and kind of felt betrayed!! Now being time for Dhur, the brothers went to another room to pray, and as they prayed Br. Abdullah could hear the imam. He went to take a peek; and he will never forget that vision. Soon after that, he met with them and decided to become Muslim in 1996. After performing Hajj in 1998, he was accepted in the University Al-Madinah, KSA graduating in Arabic Language and Faculty of Law/Jurisprudence in 2007.

Too often we hear of negative encounters that were faced that, if there was a “buffer” system put into place on a masjid level, they may not have happened. Abdullah knew that with the vast diversity present in Islam, the new Muslim would see and hear of practices that may confuse them as to what is Islam and what isn’t. Therefore upon his return to the USA, he noticed that there was still not an organized effort that was present to socially, intellectually, and spiritually educate new and renewed Muslims; which in return would allow them to grow in their respective communities. Therefore there was a sense of urgency to help Muslims in their journey to attain a deeper love and connection with our Creator, self and purpose is what drove Mr. Oduro to form this initiative via educational workshops and bimonthly potlucks; hence KnewU was founded.

KnewU is a non-profit organization, organized and led by converts and born Muslims, whose mission is to serve as a resource for the spiritual, intellectual, and social development of new and renewed Muslims worldwide, serving the Muslim communities by providing them with educated yet contemporary solutions to new Muslim problems. This organization currently holds bi-monthly potlucks, educational workshops, mentoring and a hotline to help and guide all who seek a straight path to Jannah. KnewU has other projects lined up for this demographic from professional development to Hajj and Umrah trips; keeping the goal in mind, to enhance the “New Muslim Experience”.

For all contact information please reference the following page:

Contact numbers in US: 8322995122/7138763620 


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