Saturday, 27 July 2013

Sister Natalie who was raised in Church reverts to Islam

Amazing journey of sister Natalie (now Khadija) reverts to Islam. She is 36 years old based out of Phoenix, US and was literally born and raised in a church campus. She had to struggle in conveying her father and family that she has reverted to Islam  as she was baptized and raised by her father

My name is Natalie L. Avalos(birth name),,,,Khadijah M. Al-Raheem(new name)
Christian(southern baptist)reverted on Aug. 13,2012
I am 36 yrs., home maker/ student from Phoenix, USA

I was raised and baptized by my father in church. I am the only girl and the oldest out of three siblings. I am African American, Native American Indian(Navajo), and part Mexican also. I am a divorced mother with three children and the only Muslim in my family.

In middle school I had a teacher who was Muslim and and also many Muslim friends with Arabic names. I always felt very comfortable around them and could always feel a difference with them. As a child, I was always scared to express my interest  about Islam to anybody. I remember always reading books about the middle east and trying to learn Arabic. This was my little secret I  carried in my my heart. The biggest fear I had about converting was, I was scared to break my father's heart because he baptized me and raised me in church.

One day, as they say, "my world stood still", I thought to myself, I don't want to die as a non-Muslim. I remember being so scared and shaking as I took my Shahadah. When I finished, I panicked and thought I did something wrong. After calming down, I was so proud to be a new Muslimah in hijaab.

Surprisingly I have no problems except, where I live, there is no Muslim community, no masjid, no Islamic centers, no other Muslims. I am completely alone in my community. My only source and connection is through the internet.

Unfortunately I didn't receive much help from the Muslim community. I remember a lot of times I would cry because i felt so lost and alone. At one point, i thought of converting back but my heart didn't feel this. I started praying and praying to Allah for guidance.  Allah answered me and I started finding new websites, making new friends, joining groups and also blogging. Today, everything is much better, thanks to Allah.


(today sister Khadija is well connected and integrated with the Muslim community and  will soon be married with a muslim man...........In Sha Allah)

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