Sunday, 18 August 2013

Former US Millitary Sister Victoria reverts to Islam

Sister Victoria (Aisha ) Converts to Islam and her amazing story. In 2002 her first brush with Muslims and Islam was when she joined the military and came in contact with many Saudi military personal. She finally converted in 2010, after having a personal disaster and reading the Qur'an and Hadiths, she finally found the purpose of her Life


Asalam Ale kum, My name is Victoria (Aisha) Arrington. I was born in Georgia and raised in a non religious Christian family. I say non religious because we didnt always go to church, and my parents were smokers/drinkers etc. 

My parents were divorced while I was young and my mother married 4 more times after that. My father traveled for work and wasn't home much. So as you can see it wasn't much of a normal family life.

I always had questions about Christianity...Why do we have to be good if we are already forgiven? Why do we eat pork if it says not to? How is God god and Jesus at the same time? etc. etc. etc. All these questions were unanswered by pastors and one had an answer...

In 2002 I went in the military and began a wild life of running around, having what I thought was fun, and getting into trouble. I met several men who were in the Saudi military during my training and this was my first brush with Islam. However I didnt care about religion then. The story is pretty much the same from there until in 2010 I had a major family catastrophe and got divorced from my "Christian" husband.

I met someone who was Muslim and observed everything they did and had lots and lots of questions. This person never pushed Islam on me just told me to read this or that and gave me several books and a Quran. I read the whole Quran....and most of Bukhari....and countless other books. Every single question had an answer, every single thing in your life had a rule to live by, every issue had a well thought out resolution. I knew that this was the way I could know how to live my life...I needed answers, I needed a rule book to live by and so I accepted Islam in December 2011 Alhamdulillah. So here I am today,
fortunately I have been guided by the best people...

.I have been shown the real path of Islam, Alhamdulillah

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