Tuesday, 3 September 2013

US born Ameerah accepts Islam in a very Unusual Journey

One American Women Quest to seek out the truth. Ameerah was born in  christian family who turned to atheism. She grew up in small town in US and had never heard about Islam. Allah has his ways of guiding people to Islam, even if they haven't heard about Islam. She was named Ameerah as her birth name by her christian mother, Years later when she grew up and started looking at the meaning of her name (Ameerah means princess in Arabic) and that is when everything changed for her. Today she is memorizing the Qur'an and hopes to teach Qur'an people one day

 My name is Ameerah, believe it or not. My Christian mother gave me this name, it is on my birth- certificate. So Alhumdililah I never had to change it.  Before I accepted Islam. I grew up in a Southern home, I was raised Christian, but later, denounced all religions, and became atheist. I am 33 years old and a female.

 I was raised in a small Southern Town in USA. The population was very small, everyone knows everyone, you could most likely count the people on your hand. People still sit on there porches and raise up to wave at you when you drive by in your cars. Thats just how small it was. There was no mosque there. I had never heard about Islam until years later. I was raise in a family, that believed in going to Church, there were no if and buts about it.  

 I always wondered how I got the name Ameerah. It was not a common name among westerners.I use to always get pick on in school because of my name. Its an Arabic name meaning Princess, also I met a girl in grade five who was a Muslimah, so she introduced me to Islam, and told me the basics of how to be a muslimah she told me that in Islam they prayed Five times a day, she also mention that muslims did not eat Pork, and also after reading the Auto-Biography of Malcolm X. By Alex Haley I started to know this was something I wanted to look more in to. Also the fact, that I started snooping and found out that my mother has accepted Islam years before, and had left the religion. So this was another thing that had peaked my interested and made me want to learn more about Islam. 

 After I had managed to get a hold of the copy of the translation of The Holy Qur'an, and I read it. It was as tho The Quran was speaking directly at me, I knew it was the truth. How could someone(Mohammed) PBUH that could not read predict things long before our time. SubhanAllah! Also I thought about that if I died, and it could be anytime, that I would die a disbeliever, so I did not want to take that chance, and with the incouragement of others I had met along the way . I decided to take my Shahaddah on May 20,2004

 My family and friends were not happy with what I had done, and they still are not happy. Until this day they call me a traitor and still do not accept it. They still feel as tho this is only a phase I am going through and will hopely snap out of it. 

They only ask me why, how could I do a thing such as this, I lost a lot of friends after I accept Islam as my way of life.

I have found both good people and bad people in Islam. Islam is perfect it is the people that are not perfect. I have found some that want to only boost there status in Islam, by saying things about others that is not true, to only make themselves big in the eyes of the people, and will go to any lengths to hurt others and try and ruin them and there reputations . We all should try and refrain from that as much as we can and always try to keep our intentions clear. 

My future plans, well only Allah knows what lays in store for me. I would like to complete the memorization of the entire Holy Qur'an, and then after Insh Allah teach  others who cant afford lessons for free.

(Today Ameerah is based out of Egypt and studying/memorizing Qur'an. May Allah make it easy for her......Ameen) 

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