Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Arya Vysya Hindu discovers Islam after learning about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Assalamu Alaikum wa'rahamtullah wa'barakathu brothers and sisters,

 I'm a born Hindu. My cast is Arya Vysya which is the next best cast after Brahmins according to Hinduism.

I had a lot of doubts about my existence from a very  young age, who am I, where did I come  from, why do I look the way I do, who created me, what is the purpose of my creation etc... People may not believe that I had these doubts as young as the age of five. However I did not pose these questions to anyone, I kept them to myself.

During my school days I used to think a lot about God and was confused about who God really was, whether he is found in Christianity, Hinduism or in Islam? At one point in time I did not believe in God at all. At one point in my life I used to be very scientific and believed in Science above most ideas, but often during my exams I believed in God.

For some time I felt that I was involved in some kind of business with God, for instance when I was sad or felt a need for God I would believe in God but when I was busy with life and other matters I would forget Him.  

The funny part is that, I had Muslim friends but used to hate Muslims. I think I used to hate the word "Muslim" not so much the people, based on the fact that the word often coexists with bad headline news. 

All these mixed thoughts were there through out my school days and when I went to college I stopped thinking about God all together and was curious with what people were following and started following along.

Although, everything changed after my college days, when I took a more professional course; there I met lot of new friends. One friend, in particular, had this book called "Muhammad in Hindu Scripture" written by Ved Prakash Upadhyay. I was astonished by two things, one was why is there a  Muslim guy in Hindu scriptures?  and the second is why is the author Brahmin?... Alhamdulillah, my research started from here I spoke to my friend and he lent the book to me, to be honest I read each letter, each word and each sentence and I read the book without really understanding, I understood very little like maybe only recognizing some names.

Then when he asked me about what I had understood I could not fully answer. After that point, Alhamdulillah, we had many discussions. I referred to many books and online CD'S and began to learn more and more about Islam.

All my doubts that I had from my childhood were now answered through the Quran which gave the answers  in full clarity, with logic and left me with so much conviction. I'm most grateful to Allah (swt) for guiding me to Him.

I was convinced  and accepted Islam in 2004. I said my shahada, in my heart, with full faith, Alhamdulillah.

There is One God, but Allah(Swt) No Idol Worshiping and I pray only to Him. Also in Bhavishya Puran, its is given that we need to follow Muhammad (phub) so, Allahmdulillah, I'm doing it as it is said in Hinduism. Finally if a person is true Hindu and believes in Hinduism he/she should turn to Islam, as I have.

Alhamdulillah, I'm happy to say that within a few months my brother also reverted to Islam. After many discussions with him and through the research I had done I had given him all my resources, he saw the truth and reverted to Islam.

My name is Abdullaha Arun; my previous name was Arun Kumar. People ask me why I have retained part of my Hindu name, I reply it is an opportunity for me to give Dawaah whenever people ask about my Hindu name it gives me an opportunity to discus Islam, Insha Allah.

I don’t feel upset when Muslims die because I know; I will meet them some day again. However I feel pained and pinched when Non-Muslims die because I know what is hereafter for them.

Please brothers and sisters, try giving Dawaah to Non-Muslims, death can come suddenly. It is obligatory on us to convey the message. Insha Allah, people may accept Islam by One word of Allah(swt).

Please pray for my parents to accept Islam, I have started to convey the message to them, Insha Allah one day they will become Muslims too.

May Allah Bless and Guide everyone in the Ummah!! Ameen.

Remember me in your Duas.

Wa'Alaikum Assalam wa'rahamtullah wa'barakathu brothers and sisters,

Your brother,
Abdullaha Arun

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