Thursday, 16 January 2014

Korean Brother Reverts to Islam

Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

My name is Abdurraouf Park and I am from Korea. Born into a Christian family in 1986, I was raised as a Christian and studied the Bible from a very young age. Since I was a child, I have always been a keen follower of God and His words. It was not until one day that I suddenly began questioning myself and my faith. I became confused, and started to wonder... 'Who is the true God? Who is Jesus? Who am I worshipping?'. I have come to realise at that point that in the Bible itself, Jesus never claimed or said 'I am God' and he also never claimed or said 'I am the son of God'. 
However, Christians have a firm belief that Jesus is the 'Son of God' as well as being 'God, Himself' at the same time. Since, there are no scripts in the Bible where Jesus claimed to be the 'Son of God or God himself ', or equaled himself as such, it meant that Christians did not follow it accordingly. The Bible itself has many flaws and partly confusing as well. This is one of the reasons why it has made people wonder on a numerous cases about the Bible. Hence, people started giving up practicing Christianity and doing good deeds, and corruptions like cheating on each other and other bad behaviors is increasingly prevalent. Even, the loss in faith in Christianity drove people to easily commit suicide, also highly on the increase.

For a very long time, I've always prayed to find the truth, the true religion. I paid visits to many churches to seek and find the truth, but with my visits, I've come across many different groups of Christians, and I've almost given up on that idea. Until one day, I started reading books on religions and came across Islam, I then realised that Islam is God's true religion. I later began reading all books on Islam in the library. I really did not know anything on Islam before and that Islam believes in only One God, and that Jesus is God's messenger and Muhammad as the Last messenger of God. I did not know that Islam believed in this, because no one has ever mentioned or told me this before. Alhamdulilah (Praise to God), on the 30th of December of 2009, I declared my Shahada and became a Muslim. Ever since I have become a Muslim, I've quickly engaged myself in Da'wah activities to increase awareness of Islam. I knew the need of spreading Islam. Korea is in a state of emergency, people do not know the truth and are losing hope in religion and oneself. This loss of hope and purpose of life and living is driving people to just die (suicide) even without war, diseases etc.

We must tell them the true message that 'There is only one God and Muhammad is the Last Messenger of God', tell them that 'Quran is God's book/words' 'Islam is the true religion of God', many people still do not know the bases of Islam and remain ignorant. Thus, away from the truth.

I have made an Islamic website in a Korean language to increase people's understanding of Islam and to invite Koreans to Islam, but also for everyone and anyone else. Alhamdulilah, there are now more people who are starting to know more about Islam. But, in order to do da'wah correctly, you need the 'correct' knowledge. That is why I decided to leave my country, Korea, in order to study Islam at the Islamic University of Madinah. I am currently 27 years of age, and studying Islam will take me a very long time to study, but I do not want to give up. I am just happy learning Quranic Arabic and understanding Allah's (God's) words. Alhamdulilah for the blessings of Islam and the Sunnah (Sayings and teaching of the last messenger of God). What really worries me, however, is that Koreans still do not know anything about Islam. So I ask you my dear brothers and sisters in Islam to please help me in spreading Islam in Korea.

This website, and the below listed YouTube channels, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages are all about spreading Islam in Korea and also to teach Islam to the Koreans. Please, do share and invite your friends, this will be of big help and support insha'Allah.

So, please take that step and join...and let's start Spreading Islam in Korea. May Allah reward you all.
Below, I have written a brief explanation about the websites and the da'wah activities that takes place.

Title : 한국인을 위한 이슬람 (Islam for Koreans) above website was launched on 22nd of April 2010. I have personally made this website, because before I became a Muslim, I was eager to find more information on Islam in Korean language, however, this was very difficult for me as there was little information available, and if any, it was usually information given wrongly from Christians about Islam. Thus, I requested for my website to be registered to every portal site in Korea. As a results, many people have paid visit to the website and were able to find the correct information about Islam and are finally finding the truth through this website, alhamdulilah. The website contains plenty of Islamic articles (from books) in Korean language for da'wah. Please, share this website to all Koreans you know to obtain the correct information on Islam.

Title : 기독교인을 위한 이슬람 (Islam for Christians) above website was launched on 15th of June 2012. This website is of high importance, reason being that Christianity is highly prevalent in Korea and there is often a huge misunderstanding between Christianity and Islam. Although Christians themselves do not even know enough about Islam and have the wrong information available on hand about Islam, they spread this incorrect knowledge about Islam to others. We must show them the truth and invite them to the Truth, Islam. So please help us in spreading this website and the true message of Islam.

Title : Islamic Da’wah in Korea (for Arabic and English speakers) is our main website for supporting Islamic da'wah in Korea. Our da'wah activities comprises mainly of websites, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. We share information about Islam in Korea. You can help us and support our da'wah work through this website. Please share this website with your friends, family, relatives, blogs and social networks for the sake of Allah. And may Allah reward you all for your efforts.

These are all our Youtube Channels for Da’wah. 
Twitter accounts for Islamic Da’wah in Korea
Join to our Facebook pages and share with friends.

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