Saturday, 26 April 2014

Party Girl Joanne accepts Islam

My Christian birth name is Joanne I am 40 years old and live in East London.

I grew up in west Yorkshire, UK all my life i spent a good childhood with my mum and stepdad of course never met my real dad but that was ok as most families lived this way i was the eldest of 9 children did what most kids do go to school come home go to Brownies, Girl Guides youth club not like today we didn’t have modern technical things we amused ourselves in our own way and life was good things didn’t work out for my mum and dad and they broke up and got a divorce. Mum remarried after sometime and we had a new step dad. It did not work out with me being the eldest child as i couldn’t work out what went wrong.

i became very naughty and dropped out of school and my mum couldn't handle my wild behaviour so i was taken into care i became even worse smoking, drinking, boyfriends nightclubs, it got too much so i joined college and still the parties where failing me until i met some girls with scarfs (hijab) on I was like hay why do u guys wear a scarf  they responded well it’s our religion Islam i said what do u mean so they said look later on we will tell you so i became more fascinated about  Islam.

 I got some books to read up and I did for a while I said you know what i want to be a Muslim like them as they are always looking nice and smart they don’t party or mix with boys so i asked my friend how I could become a Muslim and she told me when you are ready I will take you to the masjid I was so excited she said but please don’t drink Islam is a clean and pure religion I said ok fine so that night was sleeping when I was woken by a bright light and right at the end of my bed stood a man pure as driven snow he looked old but unlike anyone I have ever seen his beard was white
his clothes also pure and crisp he didn’t speak he looked and smiled so the next day went back to college to tell my new friends what i saw and basically they said wow Masha’Allah your spirit guide its your intention from heart that made you see him and he smiled so he must have been happy with your good change of religion.

That is how I started reading more and more about Islam for quite some time and Alhamdulillah in 1997 I recited my shahada and today I am married to Muslim man.

One thing I would like to mention to all my western sisters that party, Alcohol, smoking, boyfriend which are now fundamental part of our lives is very temporary and one does not get and peace, happiness or solace. It is only when you return to Allah is when you get the true and lasting happiness and peace.


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