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From Hinduism to Islam: Rida Maryam

I was born in a hindu family.
I used to go to temple along with my frnds. It's not because I had faith and I'm going. Just to spend sometime with my frnds ,I used to go. I'm more of fun loving kind of girl,who always wants to be out along with frnds.! I'm so much attached to my frnds .
In 2k12, I met a muslim frnd and that frnd of mine noticed me going to temple on Thursdays. I used to go regularly on Thursdays to 'sai baba' temple, coz my frnd had so much of faith and I went along with them. So my muslim frnd asked me what I will do in temple. What will I pray and all. I had no answer . I always used to pray only one thing, that I should get good marks 😂
Then that muslim frnd asked me if I ever read hindu scriptures (geeta) 
I always used to have so much of confusion since my childhood, which god should I pray.?I always used to think If I pray to this god, then won't that god feel bad.? People say, this is my favourite god and all.! I always used to think of myself , which is my favorite.!!!
I heard a story of ganesh (idol), how ganesh has been born and all. It's been told that , he has been made of clay by parvathi(his mother) and as a security ,she asked him stay out and not to allow anyone inside. And then shiva(her husband) comes and tries to go inside . Ganesh tries to stop him, and then shiva out of anger , stripped his head. Lol , so I used to think, how can a god not recognize his son ??
May be , that's why, I think I didnt have much faith in God.
I was a atheist but used to go to temple just to spend some time with frnds  
I never thought of Allah. Infact I didn't know about allah.! I never had muslim frnds.
I used to get scared to talk to muslims.or even if I look at them, I used to get irritated. I dnt know why, but I used to hate them .
And alhamdulillah. That frnd of mine, gave me dawah,told me the existence of the creator (Allah) 
Told that idol worship is a sin.
Told me about ibrahim (a.s) story, about jannat and hell.about the existence of life hereafter. I used to feel bored ,when my frnd used to about islam and hinduism.
Calmly, I used to listen.
I didn't had intrest of learning about islam in the beginning but after few days, I dnt know why., My heart started crying 'allah' for evrything. 
I slowly started reading books and learnt how to pray.!
Within few days, my family members, found books in my room and took away them ,but didn't ask me anything. 
I was scared to ask them about my I left it off.
I used to pray 'fajr' ki namaz . 
My dad wanted me to become a doctor. So to fulfill my dad's dream, I used to work hard and study. I didn't had time to learn about islam in that year. 
Finally, I wrote my final eamcet exam .I was in a counseling hall. There were least chances for me to get a seat in mbbs,. I was just praying. Allah plz keep one seat for me.! Alhamdulillah, there were only 2 seats left. I felt so happy and came out of the counselling hall. 
A lady in burqa, came and asked me if I knew telugu.i said yes.! She gave me a book and asked me to read that, and left.! 
I feel that as a miracle in my life.
Subhanallah ❣️
After few days, in 2k14 may be in November or something like that, I created an account on fb, so that I can find contacts and learn about islam.! 
Still, I didn't had complete faith in allah.! I always used to get so many douBts , regarding religion and all..
'zakir naik' I say ,he is my inspiration. His teachings made me Increase my faith.
Alhamdulillah, whatever doubt I used to have, allah ta'ala used to send me answer in some way.
I used to cry out to allah. I don't know the pillars of islam and I had no idea about it.
There was not even a single person who would help me in teaching islam. I spoke to so many people on fb begging them to teach me about islam. Many people spoke very sweetly, promised me that they would teach evrything about islam and all.! But everyone used to talk for few days and then they used to get busy with their works and all.! 
Somehow, through my frnd, I came in contact with maulana , alhamdulillah. He helped me so much in teaching me the basic things and I took shahadat officially on 10th april 2k16. Alhamdulillah.
That frnd of mine ,in ( 2k12 ) used to tell me about the importance of girl in islam. Asked me to dress properly and always used to ask me to cover my hair.
The wonderful quote 'women should be like a pearl' which is always closed in a shell" .
Hair is the most attracting part of the body" 
I always used to feel it as burden to cover headscarf. 
That frnd of mine, left my place and later all those words reflected upon me..
When I developed faith in allah completely, I got to know the value of hijab , alhamdulillah.
But still, I used to not wear hijab , coz was scared about the society and family members.
In 2k17, I started praying regularly , alhamdulillah. My iman became strong. 
I thought to myself , 'fear of allah'
The only duty of mine is to please allah, not the people 
That's okie, allah is with me. Even if people talk behind me, that's oke. No worries.i started wearing hijab. Alhamdulillah. I told many people about my faith towards allah. 
In 2k17 I've been caught in my home during ramdhan.i always used to make dua, that if my family members comes to know about me,they should not react in bad way.they should understand my belief towards allah.
Subhanallah, allah ta'ala gave me so much of guts to talk about islam and hinduism with my mom and sister And convinced them about my belief. I thought ,my situation would be worst if they get to know aBt me, but alhamdulillah, allah ta'ala accepted my dua.
I handled the situation.
I asked them to prove 'islam is wrong " I spoke so many things about islam and hinduism. I was totally shocked to myself.,coz I never dare to speak such words with them. I talked like a matured girl. Alhamdulillah. 
Even my mom and sister were shocked looking at my speech .
Finally, they told ,they don't have prblm of me being a a revert, but they were scared of the society and about my daddy .
They told me that they would make me to marry to a non muslim guy only. 
I was scared , but then I thought to myself , when allah is with me, why would I fear.!!? Allah will never let that happen ,in sha allah.
So, this is my story .! 
Plz make dua for me.! 
May allah ta'ala give me a pious muslim family and give hidayat to my parents, ameen !!

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