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From Streets to Prision to Islam: Journey of brother khalil Wali

Allah has his plans and ways to guide his slaves the way he wants. Amazing story of Brother Khalil Wali who reverted to Islam after shooting one person and being jailed for 6 years. Then a amazing guidance and self realization came to him from his story in his own words.......


My name is Khalil Wali (revert name), 26 years of age and I am based out of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA. 

 I was running the streets at an early age.when i was 14, I was getting drunk and smoked marijuana. Started hustling and gangbanging by 15. I was wild and ignorant and felt like I could do whatever I wanted and there were no consequences for my actions. At age 17 I dropped out of high school and went to the streets full time. At 18 I shot somebody and got sentenced to jail for 6 years. I got released after four years for good behavior .

I had turned my life around somewhat. I didn't hustle anymore. Didn't gangbang. Worked full time and went to a community college. But I was still under state custody and had rules I had to follow. One was a 10 o clock curfew, which I violated so they sent me back to prison for the 2 years I owed. So my first day back in prison ( I was only out for 7 months ) I was in my prison cell thinking to myself " what am I doing back here" I was doing so good (or I thought I was) . I was in community college and working full time fresh out from doing four years in prison! I started to ask myself a question. A question everybody in this world will eventually ask themselves. I asked myself  "what is my purpose in life"? I knew my purpose wasn't going in and out of prison. So right when I am thinking that, asking myself what is my purpose? They yell "Islamic services" over the intercom. Alhamdullilah. So mother would always write me and tell me to find Jesus and my father would always write me and tell me to find God. But I did the whole church thing, choir boy when I was younger, Sunday school, church every Sunday. But I didn't feel it you know. So I decided see what they were talking about at Islamic services. 

I didn't even know what I was doing. I thought I was going to the Nation of Islam services cause that's all I knew. So I listened to the khutbah was Friday.... And when I didn't hear anything about Farrakhan or white people being the devil ( which I'm glad I didn't because I could not accept the fact that white people were the devil as I have white cousins). So when I didn't hear Farrakhan or white devils I asked somebody and was told that this is Islam and they are something else. So the imam, Abdul-Latif Sackor ( May Allah reward that brother) gave me a Qur'an in English to read. Wallahi, I read it in 6 days. I didn’t go to chow and stayed in my cell most of the day reading. The other inmates thought I was scared to come out of my cell. I was scared, but of something they were not mindful of. I was scared because I didn't want to go to hellfire. A’ oudhu billaahi min-nar. My concept of hellfire before Islam was just a place where , yeah I would be deprived of some of the stuff the people of heaven would get but that would be ok because I would have my homies with me. Subhana Allah. How foolish I was. After I read the Qur’an, I recognized the truth in it. I thought about how my life was about to change and that I would probably be judged but I said who cares. I have been judged my whole life for bad things I have done and I don't care if I am judged for doing something that I know is good , something that is right. So I told the imam I want to be a part of this. I took my shahada on Sept 11, 2010. That was either eid al fitr or the day after.

I got transferred to another prison a month later where we had a small ummah of like 30 brothers and a Muslim chaplain from the streets. He was of Syrian and he taught me how to read and write Arabic and memorize some of the Quran. May Allah reward that brother. I miss him dearly. Thanks to the sister who encouraged me to share this story. As I told her every time I write or talk about my story it strengthens my Imaan and reminds me that Allah chose me. As he has also chose all of you. ALLAHU AKBAR!
Allah says in the Qur’an “ Fabi ayyi alaa ee rabbikuma tukathibaan?”

Watch brother Khalil reciting  Surah Al-Bakra

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