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Trinity was my lifeblood and Jesus God: Revert Aliya

Amazing Journey of US based Sister Aliya, who had a solid belief in Christianity and Trinity. She prayed only to Jesus. The belief was so solid that she started preparing to go to Afghanistan to do Christian missionary work. She was planning and Allah was planning as well, to guide her to straight path and Allah is the best planner. Read further to see how she was guided by Allah..............

My name is Aliya. My story did not start out like so many others. I was not confused about my religion of Christianity. I had no aspect of it that did not add up or make sense to me. This was not a matter of seeking answers to questions. In fact, I was a girl of solid belief. The trinity was my lifeblood and Jesus was my savior.
My story starts in 2008 when I had decided I wanted to be a… Christian Missionary in Afghanistan. I was not sure how I was going to do it but I knew that is what God was calling me to do.
While trying to find sponsorship through an NGO or Christian organization to send me in for field work to Afghanistan, I also began to make Muslim friends online. I wanted to learn about them and connect with them on a human level.
My very first friend in Islam outside the US, is Kashmiri man. We would talk frequently and what I remember the most about him was that he was not seeking relationships with woman, he just wanted to be in the awe of God. At the time, knowing nothing about Islam, that was a pretty fascinating concept to me. And the politeness of this person struck me so oddly. We were instant friends. It baffled me for a while. I was going to Afghanistan to provide humanitarian aide to woman and orphans as a result of the Taliban’s destruction and here is this wonderful, humble Muslim man.
I knew something about my “knowledge” of Islam was wrong, I just did not know what. I continued making Muslim friends one by one and eventually fell in love with one of them. Due to cultural circumstances his parents would not allow our engagement to continue and I began to read Shariah to figure out why I was not good enough Islamically.
Shariah was my first really true blue introduction to Islam. I had heard nasty horrible things about the Islamic Laws. I found as I read them though, that the concepts were not offensive, oppressive, inhuman or any of the other misconceptions I had. I started changing my way of thinking, law by law. If I did not understand, I would ask questions and then research it again. 3 years before my actual conversion I had already embraced the ideas of the hijab and polygamy. These were things that made sense to me. I however, never breathed a word of my changing thoughts to anyone except my Muslim friends. I had a secret life…one that I had built all around me.
I still held firm to my Christian ideals for most of the 3 ½ years leading to my conversion. I would yell and argue with my Muslim friends. I tried to convert them. My main struggle that they were not able to help me with is how Jesus was not God. Nothing in their doctrine that was presented to me reflected any believable proofs to me. But then something was happening that I started paying attention to…the revolutions in Egypt.
My best friend at the time was involved in the protests and is from Cairo. He sent me videos of him being shot at, pics after being tear gassed. I lost my fear of freedom fighters. I embraced the issues in Palestine, I recognized the problems from Israel, and the lies of the country that I call home. That was really the moving point for me in my conversion. It was not really a spiritual transition to begin with…it was political. The more I realized about what I had been told to believe was wrong, the more I started waking up to the fact that we are sheep. And I realized that Islamaphobia was engineered and why would that be? Why would my country make me believe they were bad? I spent the 4 months leading up to my conversion and the 3 months after, in tears because I did not know what was right anymore. My reality had been stripped and I was bare with confusion.
I was asked in July of 2012 to embrace Islam, by a brother. For 4 days I struggled with the decision. I had not yet been able to concisely understand that Jesus was not God. I did know however that God was pulling me toward Islam. 3 1/2 years prior he had written Islam on my heart and everything changed constantly. It was never about my converting Muslims. I knew that in the end. I never stopped looking at Islam in those 3 ½ years.
In that time, I converted a man to Christianity from what many would call agnostic. 3 weeks later I married that man. I stopped going to church. I cried because I did not know if I was angering God for discontinuing to pray to Jesus. I was just so confused. Nothing I did made much sense. On 7/16/12, I was sitting at my desk at work, 4 days after my brother asked me to embrace Islam and I had a conversation with myself…weird right? LOL
Alia…What do you want from God? To fall in love with God. Do you believe Islam is the true way? I believe it is. Do you believe Jesus is the son of God? I don’t know.
See I never knew an existence of God. I always prayed by way of Jesus, I was in love with Jesus. So a relationship with God was foreign to me. I knew I did not fulfill the belief of the 1st Pillar of Islam. which is God is One. But I decided to take a step in faith toward Islam anyway. I took my Shahada. I said the words that made me so uncomfortable. I knew that was not the way, but something inside me know, Allah would make me understand.
For months I cried because I still did not know if Allah was angry for me turning from Christ. I was scared all the time. The words of my family, friends, and husband only made things worse because they were always telling me things like, I was brainwashed, I am going to hell, I cant think on my own. Other things I prefer not to say. I knew I did not have the most important knowledge, but I knew Allah would make me understand in his time.
I have a Muslim friend, who I tell everything to. He recognized why I was having such a difficult time in my conversion. He sits with me and makes me study. He makes sure I read the Qur’an. We have many discussions. He realized it was because I had not fully let go of the notion of Jesus the Christ. He started giving me Surah’s that addressed this and having me watch videos on YouTube that addressed this. And through his efforts, I was able to fully let go of the notion that Jesus is Lord. He is not. There is only One God, and he alone should be worshiped, Allah. My reversion was competed sometime in early December of 2012.
My Journey out of Christianity and straight into the heart of Allah was a hard one and I would do it again a million times over. The peace Islam has brought to me…no one can ever take that.

Sister Aliya is now doing Dawah activities and taking part in spreading the true message of peace and humanity to those who have misconceptions about Islam. She also has Facebook page, please do visit and like the page. 

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