Friday, 7 June 2013

Allah sent me to Jorden to accept Islam: Celine Bedminister

  Spiritual Journey of Sister Celine Bedminister to Islam. She was born and raised in French Islands before moving to Canada. She was on of the most skeptic person when it came to religion and often questioned God and his existence.Allah had plans for her and bought her to Jordan for a vacation, where she reverted to Islam and was guided and saved by Allah. Read her journey to Islam in her own words.

Asalaamu walaykum.

My Name is Celine Bedminister and I was born and raised in French Islands of Guadeloupe and moved to Canada when I was 21 years old.

I was one of the most skeptic people when it came to religion, I didn't believe in them and often I questioned if there was a God because so many things had gone wrong with me I had a very bad childhood, I never met my mother until I was ten, the whole time before that I lived with my grand-ma.  While growing up on the French Island of Guadeloupe and later when i moved to Canada, different religious sect tried to convert me into Christianity except for Muslims. I had seen many Muslims around  while growing up and specially the womenfolk and often I pitied them. I had a wrong assumption based on media and the way we were told that these women had hard and oppressive lives. I always thought of saving them from their trapped lives, little did I know that soon I would be one of those blessed ones. Allah had his plans for me and to guide me.

In 2007 I had a brutal accident that left me in a coma for months, everyone had given up on me, including doctors and had given me very little time to live. They all expected me to die but I had a remarkable recovery and  two months later I was out of intensive care, back home but still very sick. I struggled with my health for two years and when finally I got better and became little more spiritual and started searching for God and my answers. All my friends would take me to their different churches but  nothing touched my heart and neither did I find answers to any questions on what I heard and felt in those Churches of different dominions.

Once in friends party we were playing darts on the world map. We were all throwing the darts to see which country did the dart hit. I  said jokingly that I would visit the country anywhere the dart hit on the dart board and it soon became a bet with friends. When I threw the dart, it landed on Jordan and my friends dare me to go, so I decided to go to Jorden, without knowing that it was all Allah's plan.

I traveled to Jordan and checked into the hotel. It was my first night in Jordan, I was deep asleep, when all of sudden I woke up to the Adhan but what I thought was singing. It had beautiful words, though i did not understand and equally beautiful was the voice of the person. I thought at the time this person has the most beautiful voice and I went back to sleep. Then I heard it again. This time I didn't go back to sleep instead I went to the hotel reception and ask them where it was coming from and I was told it was from the mosque and it was the call of prayers (Adhan) for Muslims and I was so mesmerized by it that I left my hotel and asked for the mosque and went straight to it.

 At the entry of the mosque I met a young man who told me I couldn't enter uncovered. He had a scarf around his neck and he covered my head and lead me to smaller room, he said to me: " I will be back, wait for me". After a few minutes in came back and my first question to him was, "how do I become like you? " He smiled and started telling me about Mohamed(saw) and all the prophets Moses, Jesus, Noah (peace be upon them all). I knew that the sun was up and it was midday and the time for prayer  again. I spent the day in the mosque with  women and men I could encounter and spoke English, by the end of the afternoon I took my Shahada and I became Muslim and it was my first day in Jordan.

When I went home all covered and wearing hijab my family thought I had gone mad and well my mother fainted. Allah guide whom he pleases and misguides whom he wills. Allahu Akbar! He sent me all the way to Jordan to discover the truth.

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