Friday, 6 September 2013

Romanian Orphan girl Violetta's journey to Islam

There are some stories which fascinate you, some entertain you, but this life journey of sister Violetta , who was bought up in Orphanage in Communist Romania is a heartfelt journey and lessons for every human being.The story of human survival and struggle. Read it in her own words

Salam alaikum,

Hello everyone I'm ready to share with you all ,my testimony. I'm living a very simple life with simple and beautiful things and I love making people happy. So I will share with you one story . 
First, you can imagine one little orphan girl of 10 yrs old in Romania. She is crying in a small room very cold and in dark ,  sleeping  on the floor without blanket  to cover her self. There is her bed every evening smelling the floor dirty and full of trash dreaming having one piece of bread being so hungry every day and for dinner having her own tears every evening until middle of night when body becomes tired of crying. Her body is full of bumps wondering why would these people hit me so hard every day. This little girl was so happy to see that is snowing on the window enjoying the winter from inside that cold room , she is the like in a cage .This little girl watching from her window all winter how in many houses Christmas lights shining so strong !!She didn't know the taste of chocolate or an orange never! This little girl never had like Christmas present or one little doll as a child her mommy was very poor  !Yes never! She looks across window dreaming that in one day she will be under Christmas Tree opening her own present. She is in orphanage because her mommy died very fast and her life have been changed forever,  being in one cold and bad world.

It was Year 1988, Romania was a communist country without freedom. This little girl Is me Violetta and I am so happy to meet you my sisters.Yes sisters in that orphanage was my nightmare , Teachers used to beat us so much without any reason , being scary washing our self in cold bath every Saturday because water was so cold we never had warm showers. Yes , I was small, young and innocent child working hard in a gardens for that orphanage school every morning working hungry starting at 5 o clock until 5 - 6 afternoon eating just one apple and little water . My feet used to be bloody and painful especially my nails, my shoes being so small and working the land all day was so painful oh God nightmare . My fingers and my feet they still have the pain  because I always had smaller shoes, I as never given proper fitting shoes. My back used to hurt from all the hard work I did as a child. At the orphanage I felt like a slave with many other kids. I am so sorry but unfortunately that was Romania at that time time.. So sad! Many times I said to my self I will die . 

I was there for 3 years in pain , alone living in fear , hungry ,thirsty and tears every night! And I always had a incredible faith in God and Jesus our Lord. Because he healed my pain, wiped my tears and gave me a new life! Please wake up and love your self , be thankful for what you have , be happy for what you are even u are fat, slim. Stop complaining about life and love each day and try change for good for what you have . 

 In the middle of pain and ocean of tears and sorrow I found ISLAM So stand up even you are depressed and love everyday and be thankful to Allah,  enjoy the sun and love the rain, enjoy the rich and love the poor,  be strong and be thankful for all what you have for life is short and will be late to love you self.

I was married to a man when I was 18 but unfortunately our ways are separated now, I raised my kids with very difficulty but I am proud !!!They are the light of my life .I am proud mommy of one girl 14 and one son 16. My marriage was full of tears as well but this will be chapter two 

My marriage was full of pain and tears. In my free time I am cleaning other peoples houses for  for little money and praying to God. I love meeting new people ,sharing life experience and helping hungry people so much . 

I don't complain about my life.  I am proud and have hope for tomorrow, even when in pain,  depression , anxiety or other sad things ALLAH  IS THERE WAITING FOR YOU JUST OPEN YOU HEART and hear His calls the people whom he loves!! Go to Him tell Him how much you cry and how much pain you bear .There is always peace ,there is always love .You will find love and peace and first of all you will be saved!  

I am a new convert to Islam and recited my Shahadah 4 months ago and I am sooo happy

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