Sunday, 8 September 2013

Philippines Based former Catholic Jane reverts to Islam


My name is Jane and my revert name is Imaan. I am 21 years old and based out of Philippines.

I took shahada alone when I was 19 years old

Before Islam-

I grew up in a Christian home together with my parents and my siblings. We always attended masses at Church every Sunday and my parents let me study in Catholic schools and universities. I learned a lot during that time about Christianity but most of them are questions in my mind which my parents and some professors never answer me back with a reliable answer. I used to ask myself before, especially when we are in the Church and praying, I am so confused. I felt like there’s something not right and I need to find it.

One day I saw a Muslima wearing Niqab in a store while buying some books I suddenly looked in her eyes and we had an eye to eye contact at that very moment I felt like she’s the most beautiful woman I ever seen in my whole life. At that time I didn’t really know they are called Muslims but I called them before as Ninjas. When I went back home I asked all my aunties, cousins and some of my friends who are they, why they are wearing that, why they are hiding their faces, why and why and why but no one give an answer they just say “they are terrorist” “they kill innocent people” and so on..

During those days, we went to an Islamic place. I didn’t knew about Muslims and Islam at all that time. I heard from media that most of them are terrorist and my family believes on what they heard on media but I ignored it because I really don’t judge a person by their religion. When I was 18 years old. I started studying other religions. I never give up searching for an answer. People around me especially my parents seems annoyed by my questions I felt like no one understands me.

Finding Islam-

After a year, we went to an Islamic place which 60% of the people there are Muslims but I never had a chance to make Muslims friends at that time because I am not really friendly and I feel so shy. Around six in the afternoon we went to a Church to attend a Mass with our whole family. It was 2nd day of November, I was standing in one corner then suddenly I heard the Azan for the very first time in my life I was so amazed and I felt like it’s calling me and my body wants to walk towards the sound. I didn’t notice the mass was ended then I was just staring in the sky and in that moment it was the best feeling I ever felt in my life.

Being a Muslim-

When we got back in our city I started to study Islam and from there I decided to take my Shahada alone in my room. Alhamdulillah for the internet I met many muslim sisters and brothers and also Islamic internet sites who helped me out on how to perform Salah. Actually I kept on watching and watching all over again after that I did give a try to perform Salah for the first time and I was so shocked that I did cry a lot the whole time knowing my lips can speak Arabic words without doing an effort. It was a sudden change in my life. I quit all the bad habits I am doing, hanging out late at night with friends, Drinking alcohol and Smoking. People around me think I am crazy like a female psychopath. Every time I prayed Salah in front of them they keep on laughing at me, Friends called me uncool because I am not into their trips now. Fasting alone in our house during Ramadan and.. Being alone every Eid but still Alhamdulillah. Praying Salah and reading Quran makes me feel I am not alone at all. I admit, I always asked question to my brother and sister in Islam maybe they got a bit annoyed. I asked Allah to help me, to answer my questions. SUBHAN ALLAH! Every time I asked question, He answered it every time I open and read the Holy Qur’an.

Most of the people in my life kept saying to me “You're crazy, You don't think, etc” and so I just smiled and think of the words I’ve read from the Holy Qur’an

“Allah guides whom He wills to a straight path”

I didn’t choose Islam, Allah choose me.

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