Monday, 8 April 2013

Pooja Lama a famous Nepali actress and model reverts to Islam

 Nepal's famous actress/model 28-year-old Pooja Lama’s conversion to Islam has surprised many in Nepal and India. She was brought up in Buddhist family,  She announced her Conversion after a short visit to Dubai and Qatar.

Q: What persuaded you to accept Islam?
A: I was from  the Buddhist  family, One year ago Decided to study other religions, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam and started a comparative study. During study, I traveled to Dubai and Qatar and was impressed o see to see the Islamic civilization. The best thing about Islam is the Oneness, faith and trust in Allah, strong belief, which I did not see in other religions.

Q: World media has opened aggressive front against Islam, Islam is being presented in the style of terrorism, were you not affected by it?

A: Propaganda against Islam is one of the reasons for me to embrace Islam, because what they say is different from what I found and now I can say with the claim that Islam is the world's only religion of humanity and peace issues Justice Solution offers.

Q: Pooja Ji!, the film industry is concerned about you and your many previous scandals in the media  and once attempted suicide as well, will tell us something?

A: I do not want to accuse the media regarding my personal life to publish negative comments, to defame me, I think it is business for them, as I have been married thrice. I have a son from first husband who lives with my mother, The in order to sell write improper things, which hurt me very much, people accuse me that I did it for fame What's all this? The truth is that I was miserable and wanted to commit suicide, I took my friends, led by the study of religious books, then embraced Islam, I want to forget my past, because I am now quiet happy and lead a decent life.

Q: Pooja Ji! After acceptance of Islam came a major change in your lifestyle, your wear Scarf (hijab), do not take alcohol and or smoke. Do you repent?
A: Please don’t call me Pooja, Pooja is my past and now I am Amna Farooqi. I had unhappy and tension-filled moments before Islam. Alcohol and cigarettes were my support. I used to get so drunk and at times used to get unconscious. I was a Prey to depression and the darkness around me was just dark, but the joy of Islam has helped me to abstain from alcohol and cigarettes. Now I only do halal things and eat, drink halal.
Q: What were the motives of Islam?
A: Since some of my Buddhist friends had converted to Islam, when they saw me unhappy, they introduced me to Islam, explain its  teachings, I started to read, one day I attended a Muslim friends lecture, It opened my heart and was not any longer afraid of any human being but only Allah, so  I embrace Islam at that time.

Q: After acceptance of Islam what was the reaction of your family?
A: After embracing Islam I informed my family, who lives in Darjeeling, India, my mother cooperated fully, My family say :''Oh dear! You have chosen the right path, to see you happy, we are happy. I am a changed person and have got rid of all bad habits, So even my family has seen this change in me for better and are very happy about it.

Q: The media have expressed that you have fallen in love with a Muslim man and have got married, hence you have converted to Islam. Is it true?
A: baseless news, Some my friends are Muslims, but this does not mean that I have fallen in love with someone and have converted for marriage But, yes now that I am a Muslim, so I  will marry a Muslim in future. Whenever I decide to marry I will let everyone will know.

Interview courtesy: Abdus Saboor Nadvi


  1. nice GOD leads her in the path in which GOD becomes happy on her. :) she will get tranquility in life.

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  3. Alhamdulilla. may Allah bless u. helps u. if u need any help I'LL try to do my best. I'm not handsome, but I can give my hand to someone for help.


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  4. thanks farooqi you will a longer life it will give by allah ((lord)) you was 10years ago worst girl of the world but now you is a best homan of world (thanksssss.....)

  5. Good news, may Allah bless her again and again

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